Obtain serial data wirelessly from Arduino and ADXL345

I have a relatively simple question that I cannot seem to get a good answer for from googling. I am brand new to arduino so please bear with me.

My entire goal is to use ADXL345 to get motion data to an Arduino and then transmit that data wirelessly to PC to use with a python script. Is that possible? Google results show me Wifi and Ethernet shields but when I investigate further, there is no talk about using Wifi to transmit serial data.

Is it possible to not use a USB cable when all you need is data from the ADXL345 to serial?

Thank You in advance.

What is the distance between the PC and the ADXL?

How many samples per second (bytes per second) need to be transfered?

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3 feet max. A very short distance.

Also 2 to 3 samples per second are more than enough, although I believe the default resolution is higher than that.

If your PC has Bluetooth (HC05), that is an option.

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Thank You. I did searched many different ways but HC05 never came up. Reading the description, this is exactly what I am looking for.

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