Occasional difficulty logging in/staying logged in

Dear Mods,

Whilst I have no trouble logging in to Arduino.cc, it seems that when I try to navigate to the forums (fora?) my 'avatar' disappears from the top right of the screen to be replaced with 'sign in'. After several attempts I can usually log in and, as per now, I can post topics. Frequently it happens that my logged-in status disappears when navigating between forum entries, ie on some pages I am logged-in, others show as logged-out.

What might the problem be, and how do I make it go away?

Regards, Glorymill

Several other people have been having the same type of problem lately. There are several topics under this "Website & Forum" board discussing it.

This one was especially interesting because forum member @Koepel contacted Arduino support about it and then reported their findings:

Given that the present forum software seems to be on its way to retirement I doubt there is much that can be currently done.

As the post that Per links to states a lot of the time clearing the cache often does help.
Also making sure you don't have too many browser extensions that may interfere can also help.
AD blockers need to be set up properly to ALLOW certain aspects of the Arduino site.

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