OCE Wide format printer


I am new here at Arduino community. I am also learning things in arduino.

I just came up to something if that is possible.. We have an OCE TDS 320 Wide format printer. I needs an old computer controller which we don't have it anymore and Canon & OCE don't have support on it anymore. I was just wondering if Arduino can communicate to this Jurassic Wide format printer to get it to work to print a file like PDF.

I would appreciate all your help. Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a datasheet or user manual for the printer that describes how it would have been connected to a PC?


Hi Robin,

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About the datasheet/user manual, I have attached the file for the manual.

Basically, the set up is It has a Wide printer and a Scanner and an Old PC that connects them both.


8_um_us 2.pdf (1.67 MB)

It seems that the printer uses an Ethernet cable to connect to the PC - though it was hard to find that in the manual, and I may have missed other stuff.

Based on that, and the general tone of the user manual, I suspect there is a complex software interface between the printer and the PC and if you don't have the appropriate PC software I suspect it would be very difficult to get it to work.

It seems as if the PC software is written in Java so it may work on modern PCs, though you may need to install an older version of the JRE.

I'm pretty certain that an Arduino would not be sufficiently powerful.