ocean mirroring project

Hi everyone,

We are a group of students working on a school project, and we would appreciate any help anyone can give. We are trying to take temperature data from noaa.gov, upload this to an Arduino, and control an aquarium with a heater to replicate the temperature. We have the Arduino, have selected a suitable source of data, and have the aquarium/heater. We are using gobetwino to obtain the data, but oour problem is how to get Arduino to use it for a program. From what I know, we basically will just need gobetwino code+ the blink program to turn the heater on/off based on the temp data. Could someone help to give us an idea of how to create a variable in an arduino sketch, that is a piece of data obtained from a pc? Once again, we very much appreciate any help you can give us! Thanks!

H, T, and G

You need to get the temperature data from the PC to the Arduino?

Yeah, that's our goal. We can already do that through Gobetwino, the problem is using that data to act as a variable in an arduino sketch.

OK, it would help to know the format of the data you are reading. If you are reading the data it is already in a variable. You may need to change the format (ex. ASCII) to a number (int, float) that you can compare to the current temperature of aquarium.