ODB2 connection to arduino

So ive read a number of posts by others and have some good ideas on where to go from here.. BUT before i open it up (bought a Part Number: APGDT002 - CAN BUS Analyzer Tool and Part Number: DM320100 - PIC32MX1/2/5 Starter Kit) in some of the posts i read some used these tools along with their projects, im wondering if there is really a need for these items?

Or is it more for debugging and data collection validation?

If i have a CAN-BUS Shield for Arduino and the ODB2 to USB cable(still need to attach the headers to the board) but with just the shield and arduino do i need the analyzer and starter kit?

Will having the items assist in any portion of coding up the arduino to pull data i want from my truck?

What year, make, and model is your truck?
Have you looked into TunerPro? If there is a TunerPro definition file available for your truck you will be light years ahead in reading the data.


it is a 2015 chevy silverado
Never heard of TunerPro, but will look over their site.

So with TunerPro is there no need for all the other dev boards and hardware? or is this more of a add-on of sorts to go along with the arduino and can bus shield?


TunerPro is a (free) stand alone program that can be used to view engine parameters, and in some cases, modify the tune in the ECU. I do not think the newer LS engines have definition files, but it may be worth checking.

You may also want to check a program called Tunercat.