Odd soldering tips 900M

Anyone have a good source for hard to find tips for 900M type soldering irons?
I would like a 15mm wide tip and an R shaped tip.
I can find the R but it's in a set, which I'll buy if I need to.

What are you trying to solder ?

I have PCBs that have similar traces to breadboards. The traces are thin and when I run power along them I like to all solder to the length of the trace tin increase it's capability. With the 15mm tip I can touch the trace all at once including each pin and get a nice even flow, quickly.

The R shape for TRX connectors with 10AWG wire.

900M-T-K and 900M-T-4C would work for this.

Always use liquid solder flux when doing this.


Tried them both.
The T-K is good, best currently in fact, but I still have to move it up and down the trace, it is nice that it catches the pins and the trace at the same time. It's just not wide enough.
The T-4C did not help. The heat was too concentrated.
Admittedly, I probably need to tighten up my soldering skills but it would be nice to have that wider chisel tip.

I picked up on using 951 from your tips thread a while ago. Good Stuff, thanks.

Amazon or eBay!

I don't see anything wider than 5 or 6mm in either place.

The resistivity of solder is much too high to benefit the trace conductivity much (about a factor of 10). You would be better off soldering a piece of solid copper wire to the trace. Perhaps a strand from a larger stranded wire might be available.


Excellent tip, thank you.

Excellent "tip" was that a pun? :slight_smile:

Always, the worse the better

I found this.

Should do just fine for my 4 amp applications. Any thoughts?

Why not just solder an insulated wire the length of the trace ?

I think overkill.

You might look at: Vector Bus strips

Or at a lower cost: #20 copper wire

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