Off Topic, not sure were to post. Use ArduinoISP to program HC-05


let me start by saying I have very little experience or knowledge about flashing. I am happily flashing Atmega328 chips using the ArduinoISP but nothing further.

I have some HC-05s that I want to try flashing. They appear to use SPI and I thought I might be able to use the ArduinoISP to reprogram them. I have found very little online and the main site that keeps coming up is Byrons Blog at Byron built a programmer that uses the parallel port on a computer which I do not have.

If you think this is possible what should I be looking in to and how do get the ArduinoISP to use a non Arduino file? To date I have only flashed Arduino sketches to Atmega chips using the Arduino IDE.

Which hc05? Some of them have a built in serial bootloader...

I have flashed them using the parallel (Centonics) printer port circuit as described in the blog, and it does work

However it needs to be a real parallel port and not a USB to Centronics adapter.

I’m not sure about SPI however.

What program are you going to flash with ? BlueLab??

Do you have a binary file to upload to the device ?

At this point I have nothing beyond ArduinoISP. Hoping for pointers to what I should be looking in to.

The HC-05 modules I have are mounted on an adaptor board marked as zs-040 (I also have HC-06s with the same markings). The HC-05 has an EN pin rather than a KEY pin as per the JY-MCU boards. Firmware is VERSION:2.0-20100601

No idea at the moment if these have a serial boot loader.

IMHO there isn't much point in doing a project like this.

These devices are quite old and have generally been superseded.

In addition to that, I think the only way to compile for these devices, is via BlueLab which is an expensive proprietary system.

I think looking at the CC2540 based devices, e.g. HM10 may be a better use of your time.

Oh; you're talking about HC-05 BLUETOOTH MODULES. I thought you were talking about Motorola/Freescale mc68hc05 architecture Microcontrollers :-(


Well, I presume thats what the OP is referring to.

The page he referenced contains this text

BlueFlashCmd -DUMP my_saved_firmware

Which I'm fairly sure is for the old Bluetooth modules