offbrand arduino code not working!

hi all, im currently working on a project that includes a keys r3 uno and a keys l289p motor shield as well as a stepper motor. Im not able to correctly make the stepper motor turn for some reason. any suggestions?

Yes - use the forum correctly!


It might be that the stepper motor isn’t compatible with the old style 298 drivers. I’m not up on the technicalities, but you might need a better driver like this.

To help a little further

1) draw a schematic how everything is connected (including ALL power and ALL ground), scan it or take a photo and include it in your post 2) post your code (using code tags): type ``` [code] ```

paste your code after that type ``` [/code] ``` after the pasted code

offbrand arduino code not working!

If you can load BLINK and other examples OK it's not the board itself that's a problem.

Keys (Keyes) has built thousands of UNO-compatible boards for me with almost zero defects/problems (One USB connector came loose as I recall)..