Official Arduino WiFi Shield

In September Arduino announced the exciting news that they have been developing an official WiFi shield. Now is a better time than ever since last year AsyncLabs announced that it would be shutting its doors and since the Sparkfun WiFly library is experimental and appears to have many bugs and incompatibilities with Arduino 1.0 (seems like there are a few versions of the library floating around, but digging through forums yields that they all seem to have bugs and instabilities).

I wanted to ask you (Arduino & community) if any information about release or implementation details has or can be made public, about the new WiFi shield that Arduino will be releasing. I understand these things take time to develop but as I am working on an upcoming Arduino book, any information would be useful so I can prepare accordingly.

Will the networking implementation look like the standard Ethernert library, with additional wireless network configuration? Has there been a projected release date? This would greatly help us plan and make sure the section on WiFi is accurate and up-to-date for the community.

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Link to Arduino WiFi shield announcing in September, 2011

I would also like to know this.

Will it support infrastructure mode or ad-hoc, or both? I need to buy new phone to be able to use wifi and I would like it to be Windows Phone 7, but WP7 doesn't support ad-hoce wifi networks.

Please share some info with us!!!

do you konow were is possible to download a library for this wifi module?

do you konow were is possible to download a library for this wifi module?

You want to download a library for some non-existent hardware? For what purpose, even if such a library existed?

Anybody got an update on when the hardware will be released?

Vous pourrez retrouver le shield Arduino Wifi en vente dans la à partir du 29 mai 2012 (si tout ce passe bien, car je suis un peu limite dans le budget… ;( ) Attention tout de même, le stock est limité pour cette première phase de vente à 10 exemplaires, donc les premiers arrivés seront les premiers servis. [edit du 28/05/12] La date de mise en vente du 29/05/12 va devoir être décalé car je n’ai pas encore reçu les Shield Arduino Wifi ;(


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