Official TFT Library can be used in other displays aside from official one?

I've seen official TFT module is based in ILI9163 controller (which seems interchangeable with ST7735R), runs at 5V and uses SPI. Are These the three only fact I should take into account to consider a display "compatible", or there are some other points I'm missing??

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You might try re-wording your question. What is the "official TFT module" you are referring to?

Thanks for your answer. Sorry for my english...I mean this official product, the TFT screen:

My question was if it is possible to use official TFT library ( with different (unofficial) screens.

I suppose the only requirements these other 3r-party screens should acomplish are three: be based on ILI9163/ST7735R controller -like official's one-, to run at 5V and to use SPI...but I'm not sure if this is enough.


My question was if it is possible to use official TFT library ( with different (unofficial) screens.

Yes it is. I have a 1.8" 128x160 pixel display that uses the ST7735 driver chip, bought off eBay.

I wired it according to this Instructable as detailed at the end of Step 1, loaded the TFTDispayText demo from the TFT>Arduino library example, then changed the pins defined in the sketch to match my wiring:

// pin definition for the Uno
#define cs   9
// dc is same as display pin labelled AO
#define dc   8
#define rst  7

It worked fine.

However there are some "gotchas"... the SD Card examples will not work unless you wire the 4 pins up at the other end of the PCB. And the display logic lines are not "5V logic tolerant" whereas the official Arduino product is, hence the need for the 1K2 resistors in the Instructable.

This Instructable will give you a clue how to wire up the SD Card with a resistor based logic level converter, that Instructable is for a different display module but the principles still apply.

If you are a Newbie I would stick with the official supported Arduino products as that way you will have a lot fewer problems to overcome (and you are more likely to get support).

Ooh, thanks a lot for your so complete response!!