official TFTscreen (robot LCD board) not work

Hey Guys

I have some problem with my TFT screen aka "robot LCD board". I've bought it at the maker faire rome's arduino shop. When I try to use it (with the official example sketch and scheme ) I can only see strips on the display. Now I'm talking about this problem in the Italian section and I find another guy with the same problem and the same shop too. The library are OK, the wiring are Ok, all seems Ok. We suspect an hardware problem.

Is there someone that bought a working board?

hi, i have bought the same lcd, and with my explora it does the same thing, i thought it was broken, then i put it on the arduino robot in place of it's lcd, and it works... so it's a sw problem.

hai risolto?

Now I'm waiting for an answer from Federico Vanzati. He said that our screens are different from the previous. He also said that he can midify the driver and tell us the solution.

News: there is a new fixed "TFT library" available in this tread