Offtopic: Cellphone notificator

Almost every day I ride with bicycle. During the ride I listen to music with earphones so when somebody gives me a call, i cant hear it / feel the vibra alarm.
I have seen keychains that start to blink, when call is being received. Unfortunately those that i have tested, dont work very well…
So maybe it is possible to make a very sensitive device, that i could mount to my bicycle and see the leds blink, when i an receiving a call.

And you ear music using the cell phone as mp3 player or is it another player?

Interesting idea.

I presume the notifiers work by picking up on the interference generated when the phone is transmitting.

You could hack one so it feeds into a pin on an arduino, then you could get it to monitor what the phone is doing by the pattern. It’d be fairly easy to tell the difference between your cell polling (you don’t want to be notified about that), a text and a call.

i dont want to use my phone as mp3 player, because the battery doesnt last long… i have stand alone (Yepp-U3) player.

You could use this then you wouldn’t need to worry about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My phones display lights up and the keypad flashes when I have an incoming call , I’ve also got this thing called caller ID, all this without any external components. ;D

thanks for good ideas

Perhaps you could build a Bluetooth device to do it, if those tiny headsets can notify you of a call that could work, just rip a cheap one apart and add some circuitry to intercept when it detects a call.