oh ffs

does anyone know how i can get toner off my mums brand new iron???

i ironed a pcb transfer the wrong way up

Steel wool and lots of elbow grease?


acetone (nail polish remover contains a tiny percentage)

and some rubbing


Agreed. Just be careful. If your iron has a steam function, I would avoid getting acetone into the holes the steam comes out of.

Also, I would wipe down the wire with a wet paper towel afterward.

I have no idea what Acetone would do if it got into the iron, but as it can dissolve plastic-based toner, there’s a chance it could dissolve something else in there :P.

Cellulose thinners from Wilkos will do it.


Acetone will disolve a lot of kinds of plastic. Could try alcohol (surgical spirit or meths) as well - it’s safer with most plastics.

More agressive solvents include toluene (used for thinning oil-based paints) - this definitely will dissolve many plastics and is more toxic as well.

If the toner can be melted onto the iron it may be melted off it again, perhaps onto blotting paper or kitchen-towel?
Just run the iron cool as possible to avoid burning.

Keep solvents away from a hot iron though.

IPA and a paper towel.

Acetone or alcohol…

Oh, alcohol, always alcohol. ;D

IPA and a paper towel.

Irish Pale Ale?

India Pale Ale.
(Irish is porter and dark, as any fule kno)

Ahh. So, what’s the paper towel for?

Drink enough and you’ll know…

thanks guys :slight_smile:

meths worked fine :slight_smile:

that was close though - i only got her that iron for motheres day on sunday

lol! you’re kidding though right?


i broke her last one - so got her a iron plus flowers and the rest ;D

You got her an iron and thought you’d give it a test run? ;D

I like your style ;D!