okay i am a beginner in the arduino field and i needed a favour.

i am working on a project related to alternator synchronization.for this i need to compare 2 frequencies,2 voltages and also match phase sequences of 2 alternators.please if anyone out there can help me with the programming part for the same.

The first thing you need to learn is there are different sections to this forum. Each one has a description. You must browse through them and choose the most appropriate one to post in. The one you chose (Create > Editor) is completely inappropriate, it seems you may have just chosen it at random. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of you getting help. Don't create a duplicate thread in another forum section. Instead find the appropriate section, click the "Report to moderator" button on your post, and ask nicely that your thread be moved. In the future please post in the correct section from the start as the volunteer moderators already have plenty of work to do just deleting all the spam so we shouldn't make any more work for them if possible.

Second, you need to provide us with as much relevant information as possible. Which frequencies? Which voltages?