Old DS1820 not responding

I am a newbie at this so do not know what to tweak. I am trying to communicate with an old Dallas Semiconductor DS1820. It is not a DS18x20, the number on the side is DS1820. I have downloaded the latest 'stable' version of the Dallas Temperature Control Library (v.3.30), wired it up to an UNO as shown in the wiki, imported the library, etc. The Simple.pde sketch from the download compiles and runs. However, it just runs through the addresses and tells me that it isn't a valid device. Is there some tweak needed for an old version of this device?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Try the example 'sample' from the OneWire library:


It uses Pin 10 for the OneWire bus and displays the addresses of each device on the bus.

Don't forget to put a 4.7K pull-up resistor on the bus.