old jeep rc car project with PS2 controller/aruino uno & l298p motor shield

i wanna know it i can use an arduino uno an a high power h bridge L298p to be specific & a wireless ps2 controller for this project. i have an old monster truck jeep i wanna get back up an running for my nephew
2 dc motors 1 at the front an one at the back. the front is for turning left to right an the back 1 is for forward an backwards. A 7.2 battery pack came with it an is still in good condition, as for the circuit board that came with it i took it out .& i don't have the original controller
i wanna know if it can be done without a breadboard & just the components i have

1...L298P motor shield
2...arduino uno
3...ps2 controller
4.. 7,2 battery
5... 2 dc motors
note there is no servo 1 of the dc motors acts as the front steering....for the record if its pointless then wouldn't the arduino be to especially if i can't get a old rc car up an going all i need it to do is go forward an back turn left an right is that a lot to ask 4

You will definitely need a control board for the second motor and LOT of software.


i most definitely appreciate yours feed back an I'm new to this, as far as software can u elaborate? if u have the time