Old Nanode Bootloader

I dusted off an old Nanode I had with a view to replacing the blown 328P-PU chip.

I’ve seen on this video Updated Wicked Devices Nanode Bootloader with Arduino UNO bootloader - YouTube that you can use a Nanode with the UNO booloader & it seems to work ok.
Does anyone know if the Nanode had it’s own unique bootloader because of its in-built Ethernet capability? There is no option to select Nanode in Arduino IDE - when choosing the board the original instructions were to pick Duemilanove but this was for programming not for flashing the bootloader.
I am happy just now to use it without Ethernet but might want to explore this in future.

I doubt many people know what a Nanode is. So links to the board and the documentation would be useful.

Anyway, in general boot loaders are not accessed when your application runs so don't contain specifics for the ethernet part of your board.

The nanode

Some of the links are DOA so maybe it is EOL.

This is the Project Nanode Wiki Nanode Wiki page but it didn't give any info about the bootloader.

Yes I think it is a long dead project.

Looks like the only thing that differs for the boot loader is the built-in led. So you will not get the usual (three) flashes in quick succession after a reset when using the standard Arduino boot loaders.

There are references to WProgram.h in the wiki; this file is no longer used in the newer IDEs and will result in compile errors; replace WProgram.h by Arduino.h when your get compile errors relating to WProgram.h.

Thanks for the advice - awaiting new chip - will see how it goes.