Old project not working anymore... what's up with that?

Hello all!

So I’ve attached a project that I worked on a year or so ago to this post. Basically, the Processing file is like a “doll-dressing” game, except with Uglydolls. There are 3 variables each doll can have - “color”, “tab”, and “attribute”.

Basically, I think there is a miscommunication between Processing and Arduino somehow… Three potentiometers are supposed to select of the 3 attributes.

Can anyone check out my code to see why it’s not working?! It used to work perfectly. :’(

-uglymaker.pde works fine, as a sketch with no arduino.

-uglymaker_ard.pde and communication.ino are supposed to work together but they don’t.

-controller.jpg shows how the potentiometers are supposed to control the attributes.

uglymaker_ard.pde (20.9 KB)

communication.ino (1.07 KB)

uglymaker.pde (20.2 KB)


The communication .ino sketch is very straightforward and should just work.

I’m no processing expert so can’t judge them…

  // Using the first available port (might be different on your computer)
  port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);

Maybe your Arduino is no longer on the first port in the list. Print the list, so you know.

You can also use print() and println() in the serialEvent() function, to know what arrived from the Arduino, if anything.