Old project, still under the works

Hey guys, I've been done with this for a while but thought I'd share some pics of the project (I will hopefully get a working presentation to upload to youtube in the coming weeks... summer job(s) keeping me busy...)

Anyways, I present to you... The Glove - Hand made, even sewed on without a sewing machine(had to take lessons... definitely worth the awkward Saturday spent at the local sewing club)... it probably looks more than it is, at least for now... it's really just a glove that measures tilt... and has a button and an led... I am currently working on adding in another accelerometer and some other buttons to make this glove computer friendly, hopefully get it to work like a mouse or equivalent to a joystick for games.. oh, also, it was originally thought up as a joke in an answer email to a co-teammate who complained that our robotics team (FIRST robotics) wasn't very innovative... hopefully this coming year we can put it to good use as our means of driving the robot, rather than sticking to the usual double joystick setup we had for the past years:

(sorry, the images are huge, here are the links)

http://bxsciborgs.com/rus.tech.studio/mypics/DSCN1155.JPG http://bxsciborgs.com/rus.tech.studio/mypics/DSCN1151.JPG http://bxsciborgs.com/rus.tech.studio/mypics/DSCN1141.JPG http://bxsciborgs.com/rus.tech.studio/mypics/DSCN1140.JPG http://bxsciborgs.com/rus.tech.studio/mypics/DSCN1139.JPG

Looks good!

sweet I was about to join the FIRST robotics program in my school but I was a bit preoccupied. are you a student in the FIRST robotics? hope im not prying :)

Yes, team 1155. I am surprised to see how many people here know of FIRST