Old TV lcd

Is it possible to use this jvc tv screen (i think it is an lcd) with my arduino?

I don't know if i'm more skilled than you(i see you have dismantled the lcd), so i don't think i will help you much, but:
If you will manage to connect it(number of pins on arduino, voltage,...), you need a library (i don't think there's anyone for this screen and arduino-you will need to create one) or really difficult code to control it(not enough arduino memory) :confused: , but if it will work(then you are the best!), the chipset is not build for so dificult tasks and (might be really slow,...). If is your skill better than mine, you may know better answer :slight_smile: There are people that are more experienced then me :slight_smile:

Probably not and, as it is, probably not worth the effort if it is but, if you can get it back together again, you just might find a D15 socket round the back. It wouldn't surprise me if somebody has produced an Arduino>VGA board, and you may be able to use that.

that is an lvds interface. you can drive it with arduino but its not gonna be how you would think .. its really a better screen for a Odroid C3 or a banana pi, or if you really must suffer with way less powerful but more popular hardware a raspberry pi...