Old UNO sketch has failed

Hello Arduino community
I created a sketch for a UNO about 7 years ago. It has been working OK until recently when something went wrong. I believe the problem was with the sketch as I can not find any problem with the other electronics. The UNO is not powered up very often so I am thinking that perhaps the code has corrupted with age and infrequent power on (is this possible?).
The UNO board does not have a code number on the top of the board, but it does have "SMD edition" printed on the top.
I am using a MAC computer and the original Arduino IDE will not work with the current Mac OS (now 32 bit but was 16 bit when I created the sketch, as I understand it). I have downloaded more recent versions of the IDE and tried to verify the sketch, but I shows errors with some of the libraries (NMEA, softwareserial etc). I have re installed the libraries but still get the same errors.

Can anyone please help with this problem? If you reply to me at noelgra@gmail.com I will send you the sketch to look at.
Thank you in anticipation.

I doubt it is the code in the UNO failing but it is possible. Try using another UNO and see if you an program it. The different versions of libraries are a real problem, I have encountered it several times. When I do a system, I save the IDE and the appropriate libraries along with it. It is also possible even though you did not find a problem with the other electronics it is hidden there. Posting a schematic not a frizzy thing would be a big help.

Thats not how it works around here, if you need help with checking the code (or even want a .HEX file created) , post the code here, along with links the the used libraries.

When doing a permanent project for myself or clients, I save the sketch (changing the #include <library.h> lines to #include "library.h", along with the libraries, notes, schematics, and PCB files if there are any. These are saved in 2 physical locations and uploaded to an online vault. This way if Windows won't run an older version of the IDE, I can use a new version without issues. While I understand that this MAY be overkill for the casual user, It has saved my skin a few times over the last 11 years.

Hi, @noelgra
Can you please post your code, with code tags.

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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