Old version of Cortex-Debug ?

Looking at the code for Arduino-IDE it uses version 0.3.7 of the Cortex-Debug from june 2020


The current version seems to be 0.3.12 from feb 2021

Hi @mlu. Out of curiousity, is there a specific improvement made since 0.3.7 that you're missing?
I took a look at the commit history between the two:

The ones about ST-Link are somewhat interesting to me. I happen to have an ST-Link and have been tempted to see if it can be used, since my CMSIS-DAP and J-Link probes already work fine. But I never use the STM32 boards other than to do a quick Blink sketch upload to a Blue Pill while doing beta testing the Arduino development software.

You're welcome to submit a request for the extension to be updated here:

That will bring the situation to the attention of the Arduino IDE developers and make it easy to track the progress of the work.

Yes mainly the STLink, i tested the latest version in Visual Studio Code and it worked nice with the STM32Cube connection, felt more reliable for STM32 boards than the texane/stlink.

The IDE claims no debugging possible when using but using the debug setup on the left panel it works, seems to be confused about line numbers in the ino sketch, not sure how much the rewriting of the sketch to a c/cpp file confuses the debugger.

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Integrated debugger update is now being tracked by the IDE developers here: