oled 0'96 Low memory available, stability problems may occur

hi, let introduce myself, i’m newbie in arduino,
i’ve try some small project and it work :), and i challange myself to use OLED 0.96" , first i have problem with sample from adafruit, i was added libraries for OLED 0.96 and it work.
and then i try to modify some script, and it work again, but i have problem with my script, let see the picture, right(sample adafruit) / left(modification of mine)
my modification only use 53 line script, adafruit sample use 356 line script, but both use same much memory until show " Low memory available, stability problems may occur". help me i cant add some script cause this warning, my modification script only use for one task ( i need about 4 task)
*sorry for my bad english :frowning:


I am also a newbie.

I am building a project using the Adafruit FONA GSM/GPS (with Uno) and am using a 0.96 OLED as the display. I was using a LCD and things were going well with code and display behaving as expected.

I decided to change my project to use the OLED as it is much nicer. However the display does not always behave as I expect.

Some times it does nothing (i.e displays nothing) when all I have done is add a seemingly simple line to my code, sometimes it displays / gives spurious information / characters. I cannot see any reason why it should suddenly do this based on my progressive tweaks to and development of the code.

Am I missing something with this display? The unit I am using is a cheap eBay clone. I am happy to splash out on a proper Adafruit display but only if I have confidence that the problem is hardware related and not due to software / code issues.

I must confess that I am a cut-paste-tweak type of programmer, I don't really understand the details of memory management etc, so perhaps Im missing something due to my lack of knowledge.

Someone please help because Im considering myself beaten and may go back to the LCD.