Oled 100x16 display libaries

Hi! I have this screen: REG010016D - Raystar Optronics, Inc.

I can't find any tutorial or library that uses it, so if you can provide me with a link / document or help of any kind, I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

PS: The datasheet I have found is this: https://www.raystar-optronics.com/upload_files/oled-display/100x16-oled-graphic-display/REG010016D-datasheet.pdf


It looks like a HD44780. Maybe that's how it will work.

The difference is that yours is OLED and there is no pins for contrast and LED backlight.

Yes! It works. Thanks so much!

The only problem is that when assigning in lcd.begin (100, 16) the display does not reproduce letters correctly. Is there a way to fix it or am I limited to using it as a normal 16x2 display? Thanks!

I guess like a normal 16x2 display. The HD44780 controller is not for graphic displays but for symbolic ones.

I understand. I have already requested test code from the display manufacturer. My goal is to do something like this

The controller is Raystar RS0010 which obeys most of the HD44780 character LCD commands and behaviour.
The geometry looks like a 16x2 Character LCD. e.g. 5x8 font with 1 pixel gap means that you get 16 letters. i.e. it seems more like 96x16 pixel Graphics display. You might get an extra 4 columns to achieve 100x16 but the photos look like 96x16.

It also has a Graphics mode which should be pretty easy to use.
However I am not aware of any specific Arduino library for Raystar RS0010 or Winstar WS0010.


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