OLED delay function

Dear Sir,

I am trying to interface OLED 128*64 with arduino. I am trying to print three different strings at three different delays, but its printing all strings at same time. The delay is not producing any effect.

and same in the case of printing number from 1 to 10 using for loop. Its printing all the numbers at same time not accepting delay in the loop. Can anyone please suggest me the solution for this.

I would like to know how to initialize the OLED using program. I am trying to print numbers 1 to 10 at same position but its not working out.

Arduino User

It can be done, I'm sure.

Post your code (keep it basic and simple), there must be something wrong with it.

You are probably making changes to the frame buffer, but only writing the frame buffer to the display at the end of the loop.

There's nothing more we can say without the code.