Oled display 128x64 view the state of 2 led

Hi, I would like to turn on and off 2 LEDs with 2 buttons
(each button acts as an on off for a led). Everything is ok,
but I would like the status of the LEDs to appear on an OLED 128x64 display.
I created the sketch for the buttons and the sketch for visualization
background display with the led off, but the difficult part is make them work together.
For the display I created the sketch in 3 parts, first I have the background of the display
with the LEDs off then second is LED 1 on and the third LED 2 on.
Any tips on how to merge together tha sketch? Thanks

2 button 2 led on off.h (1001 Bytes)

Arduino display 2led sfondo.h (7.25 KB)

display sfondo.h (6.26 KB)

led 1 on.h (6.26 KB)

led 2 on.h (6.26 KB)

1 sfondo.png

led 1 on.png

led 2 on.png

This is my sketch and circuit until now