OLED Display 2..26" GME 1602-10 not working on I2C

Dear all,

does anyone have experience how to interface the 2.26" OLED Display I2C type: GEM1602-10 with ESP32 board?
I bought such display:

to implement them in the existing application, but when scanning addresses on the I2C bus there is no response from the display (it should response with 0x79)!?
In the same application I already use the 0.96" I2C OLED Display (address 0x3c) ant it works fine.

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write it with 0x3C address instead

The 0x79 address seems like the master write address and 0x78 is the master read address

0x79 master read address would be equivalent to 0x3C I2C address

That is what I thought. But the pcb seems to have solder links for 0x78 vs 0x79 implying selectable slave address.

Simple test. Remove your existing 0x3C SSD1306. Then try 0x3C, 0x79, 0x78, ...

The Surenoo link seems rubbish. It says KS0066 which is an LCD controller and definitely not I2C.
Ask Surenoo for the actual controller chip that is used.