Oled Display turn upside down

Most libraries can use different rotations e.g. u8glib documentation

Likewise, any library extended from Adafruit_GFX can do setRotation() in software.
Hardware libraries generally provide their own setRotation() that uses the hardware.

I am not familiar with your library. It looks as if it inherits from Adafruit_GFX i.e. it provides setRotation() but does not do any hardware rotation. From a brief glance at the SSD1306, it does not look as if you can reverse the vertical direction.


Here is code from my SSD1306 library to flip the display 180 degrees:

if (bFlip) // rotate display 180
uc[0] = 0; // command
uc[1] = 0xa0;
I2CWrite(oled_addr, uc, 2);
uc[1] = 0xc0;
I2CWrite(oled_addr, uc, 2);