OLED display working, need help with Python

Hi there, Im making a electronic dog 3D display for use at my fire station around the holidays, I made electronic eyes using a teensy 3.1 and OLED 1.5 displays the directions on the Adafruit website. I got them running surprisingly. I love it but I need one of the eyes to look like a dog, (brown iris, less sclera) the 4 options just don’t look right. I’m running the nosclera.h. It says you can program your own eyes using Python, but they don’t explain it at all in the directions and when I downloaded Python, I knew I was in way over my head. I can change some of the code in the original program, but no where in there does it specify color of iris or let you change it…that’s where Phython comes in and I’m clueless. Please help me customize this, I know the kids would love it when they come to visit the station. Thanks guys :wink:

Great project.

I think you may get help if you post on the Adafruit site blog as really you need someone who is willing to create the eye graphics and then convert them to the right format.

You might be better off getting a different dragon soft toy and using the dragon eyes. A fire breathing dragon in a Fire Station display, that would be "cool". Ha! :-)

Thank you, It's supposed to be a Dalmatian, there's a full body, I didnt post a pic of the whole thing. I don't think I could find a dragon that size but that's a good idea :) also I looked at Adafruits forum and I just didn't see the traffic that I saw here. I'll give that a shot. Thanks for answering.