oled displays

Hi guys!Does anyone know if it's possible to control this display with an Arduino uno:NHD-1.5-128128UGC3 1.5in Full Color OLED Graphic Display
If it's possible,is there a library?How would I wire it up to the arduino?

It should be possible to control - though practical use might be pushing it for an ATMega328. The datasheet indicates that it's fairly complicated to control (unless someone's already written a library), and a 128x128 20-bit color display needs a lot of data for an MCU with 32k of flash (writing every pixel on the screen is 40kb)

Have you looked at the Digole displays ( Digole Digital Solution | eBay Stores )? They pair screens with their own controller (based on some PIC chip), with an SPI/I2C slave/UART interface. Their controller software lets you offload common graphics tasks (drawing shapes, text, etc) onto the controller in the display. They've got a 1.8" 160x128 20-bit color OLED display, as well as many others. I haven't used their OLED displays, but I've had a great experience with the large B&W displays.