oled hud

Hello. I am working on a project that “graphs” the data from an mpu6050 onto an oled display. I have no problem displaying the raw numerical data but I’m left clueless when it comes to graphing it. My goal is to have it look like a fighter jet style hud and I want the screen to display your angle something like the picture below. Any advice or links to other projects would be greatly appreciated. (Sorry for the screen cap. It wouldnt let me save the picture)

Since we don't know what code you're using or which OLED you're using, I doubt anyone will be able to help much.

Many display libraries include functions for displaying lines and other shapes. Maybe the library you're using includes these sorts of functions.

I am using the 12cdevlib for the mpu6050. And for the old it's a .96" ssd1306 and I'm using the adafruit library. Hopefully that helps

The Adafruit library has functions to draw lines.

I suggest learning to draw lines to the screen with various lengths and slopes and then use the MPU6050 data to determine the slope of the line.

I’m not aware of any HUD type projects using the display.

The so called hud will be used inside an eotech type optic.