Oled I2C into UART


I would like to send into UART texts sent to an Oled display I2C (Text displayed on the OLED is coming from consumer HW, I can not change the code, but the oled display is I2C)

Read texts send on I2C ?

Is it possible ?



You could start by looking at the I2C with a cheap logic analyzer.

I would not bet that the text is transferred via I2C, it could be image data or pixel commands,
which would add some more complexity.

As i understand your question why not send data asynchronously that is coming from consumer HW. Why not monitor the text coming from the consumer HW and retransmit it? If it is being sent as I2C you can connect an arduino to the I2C and translate every byte sent by the hardware and send it out asynchronously via the UART or software serial depending on baud etc.

Unfortunately you are right. After measurement with logic analyser it sent pixel !
Probably to complex to decode !

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Understanding the problem is an essential part of a good solution IMHO.

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