OLED Notification Bar

Hi, everyone ! I've been doing small projects on small oled's and lcd's and i have been wondering if i could implement the same concept on a much larger screen. Which would be displaying important, moving texts when required as per the user's instructions. My question is that is this project possible ? what type of arduino would be required?

what type of arduino would be required?

It is not so much the type of Arduino but the type of display. Most displays need to be fed with a frame of data. This date needs to be stored in the Arduino so that you can write to it the patterns you want before shipping the data to the display. A large display needs a large amount of memory, the sort of memory not found in micro-controllers like the Arduino.

Their is a sort of display that has it's own memory buffer and you can use the Arduino to write into that. This means the Arduino does not have to store all the display, but it still needs to store things like the font bit maps.

So find your display first, see how much memory it needs and what sort of display it is before looking to see what Arduino might possibly have that much memory.