OLED questions

I’m interested in getting a small OLED display, but after going through pages of this forum, I’m still not sure about one thing. If I get one that supports I2C, is setting it up the same process as setting up an LCD screen that uses I2C? I’ve done that and used this thread for info:

Is it the same process? Because I look on ebay and see a bunch of the same display listed, with little info on what the driver chip is. Here’s an example listing:

There are character OLEDs and Graphic OLED devices. The display refered by your second link is under discussion in some parallel threads here. I know that there are some libraries for the pixel oriented graphics OLEDs (from Adafruit and my own U8glib).
Most ultra cheap far east monochrome OLEDs use the SSD1306 controller.


Thanks, that's helpful. It seems we could use a "cheat sheet" for OLEDs similar to the thread for LCDs.

Types, libraries available, connecting an OLED, basic setup, etc.

Makes sense. Does such sheet exist for LCDs? Any links?

I try to maintain supported controllers (including OLED controller) for U8glib here: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.


Most of the LCD info is covered in the thread, linked in the first post. It should really be stuck at the top of the forum.

Your page is terrific! It covers most of what I was looking for and goes into excellent detail.

ah, ok, thanks