Hi everyone

I have an OLED display (https://www.vishay.com/docs/37849/oled100h016alpp5n00000.pdf), and no idea how to drive it. It is 100x16, I can't even find a library for a similar display.

Where would I start code wise? I'm completely lost :frowning:

Thank you

It uses an OLED-0010 controller. The datasheet is on the Internet.
This has similar registers and behaviour to the HD44780 class of character LCD display.

I would just try a regular LiquidCrystal.h or hd44780.h library.

It contains extra features e.g. graphics addressing. Which you can access by directly writing to the underlying lcd_command() and lcd_data() primitives.


Thank you so much David, I will try this.

I did have a look for OLED 0010 stuff, but I couldn't find much :frowning:

Google is your friend. Here is the module

Unfortunately Google did not seem to fetch the datasheet. So I have attached the datasheet that I have on my PC.

Compare the 4-bit initialisation sequence on page #32 with the equivalent sequence for HD44780.

I do not have your display. But I guess that your supplier could give you code. Ask them.


OLED-0010.pdf (697 KB)

Thank you for your help

Yep, have already sent them an email :slight_smile:

Please post a link to the shop. Then other readers can recognise it.