OLED SSD1306 128×64 spi

So I am trying to implement a OLED SSD1306 128×64 SPI and a Temp / Humidity sensor AM2301 into the attached code however every time I attempt to do so it is an epic failure.

The code was originally written for a 1602 Serial LCD and a thermometer DS18S20.

I am trying to use the components I have on hand but it is proving to be frustrating as I am new to arduino because of this chicken coop project.

Any assistance in incorporating these items to replace the original sketch code.

(one may ask why I did not just buy the components which go this this code? I purchased the Arduino board from our local classified and it came with everything I needed plus some except for the exact same display and thermometer. I thought it would be simple enough to change them out for the one I have. I guess that is what I get for thinking about something I am unfamiliar with.)

Thanks again for any help!!!

Chicken_Coop.ino (19.5 KB)