OLED's and Frustration

So i recently snagged one of those nifty 4d systems Oled’s (the G1 128) and I seem to have run into bit of a software issue. There currently is a library previously developed by Oscar Gonzalez available at 4D OLEDS with Arduino but having dropped it into the libraries whenever i try to compile a sketch with the library the IDE freaks out and tells me that there is a problem with it. I checked out the library and the website which both use a “printByte” function, yet as far as I can tell, there is no such function, nor is it #defined by the library. There is a "Serial.print(#,BYTE) function, but no such thing as printByte…right? :-? anyone worked with these before? any help would be greatly appreciated

the printbyte function does not exist any more.

Try to search the forum for it, to see how to replace it, i can't remember right now.

Also, I know I sound like an old grump, but please don’t cross post, it leads to a waste of energy from people trying to help you.

Or, if you must, please at least provide links between the two posts.



Thanks, that just made my life a whole bunch easier, would have never guessed that! Sorry for the double post, it just delete the other one.