Hi Arduino experts,

I would like to program the Atmega328 using a programmer from Arduino IDE. I am not sure which programmer to buy. Should I buy Olimex AVR-ISP-MK2 or Atmel AVRISP-MKII? MK2 is a clone MKII and uses 10-pin ICSP. Is MKII using 6-pin ICSP? Can Olimex MK2 be used directly from the Arduino IDE?

Thank you.

I bought one of these last month for $5+ shipping and it works with the arduino IDE fine and the cable has both 10 pin and 6 pin connectors attached, so works with the arduino 6 pin ICSP pins. It has a jumper to allow the programmer to power the target board or chip, or remove the jumper if the target has it’s own power source.