Olimex LCD 16x2 Shield button help

Hey everyone, my group and I are working on developing a code for a bingo game and we are having issues either interpreting or writing the code for the screen. (using Arduino Uno)

here is the link to the screen: SHIELD-LCD16x2 - Open Source Hardware Board

I am currently trying to make a menu to navigate through using the 4 buttons.

For example:
display welcome to game message
display main menu
When button 1 is pressed
display another menu w/ bingo topic 1 with yes or no selector
if yes
ask bingo question based on bingo topic 1 with RNG
return to “diplay main menu”
(Repeat for buttons 2-4 with topics 2-4)

The issue is that I have no idea how to read the button states or use the states in the code other than what is given by the examples in the olimex lcd16x2 library.

I will link my test code. I’ve commented to explain what I have figured out on my own, and have attemted a nested if statement that kinda works. I’d like to avoid 10 miles of code though.

Thanks for the help in advance, also I apologize if the formatting turns out badly.

TEST.ino (2.21 KB)