Olimex MOD-MP3 with Arduino?

I'm going to start a summer project soon to add some simple speaking capability to a robot. My plan to do this was to interface some sort of Digital Audio Player (DAP) to the Arduino so that the robot could play a pre-recorded mp3 (or other digital audio file) when given some input. To do this, I need a DAP that can accept commands from a microcontroller to play a specific file.

I found the MAKE Mp3 kit which looks like it would fit the bill nicely. However, I was hoping to find a cheaper kit to do this since the MAKE kit seems a bit expensive for a very simple Mp3 player.

I found the Olimex MOD-MP3 kit at Sparkfun. It looks very similar to the MAKE kit except that it doesn't have an on-board microcontroller. It seems like it would do what I need it to as long as I can figure out how to interface it with the Arduino. I haven't yet found much documentation about their UEXT connector which is meant to interface with their own LPC kits. At $40, the price is definitely worth it if I can make it work.

Has anyone worked with the MOD-MP3 kit before? I would appreciate any insight about how I can make this work or if it's even worth the effort to connect it to the Arduino or if I should look for another solution. Thanks!

im so glad to see you posting on this subject here. i have just recently purchased the Olimex MOD-MP3 kit and have not been able to find any documentation on how to get it working.

Have you advanced at all in your research ? have you been able to find or create any documentation ? is there any code for the arduino already existing ?

thanks a lot and hope your robot is speaking ;)


I have just got one of the vinculum music players and it is well documented and cheap, especially if you are on the european side of the atlantic



That looks great and just what I've been looking for, which one did you buy? have you got it working yet? am interested how quick it is to change the file it's playing, is it instant or does it have a delay?

Looking forward to buying one



I bought one of these and, in theory, the Olimex board and the Arduino can work together through the UEXT although I've yet to try it.

Also, it looks like the SD card interface is designed for use when the Olimex board boots from the EEPROM only in standalone mode. Other than writing my own VS1002 code (which is not trivial), I'd like to interface between the SD card and the VS1002.

I'm planning to rewire the Olimex board slightly, and use the WAVE SHIELD libraries to read data from the SD card, and then send that back out to the VS1002 for MP3 playback.


I'll post up my results.

P.S. I also found the following blog that had failed attempts to interface to the MOD-MP3 board. It might help anyone else with their projects.