OLIMEXINO-32U4 Arduino clone is in production

and will be available for sale end of February

Inquiry: The board design does not appear to be fully compatible with the Arduino 1.0 pinout. To my knowledge, and I am going both by pre-release photographs and by the Leonardo's pins_arduino.h, the SPI pins (MISO, MOSI, SCK) are not broken out to the side strips on the Leonardo reference design and are only available via the SPI header. Since that header has been relocated, that means SPI will not be available for shields that correspond to the Arduino reference design, is that correct? While I personally disagree with the practice of using the ISP connector as the sole source of SPI lines, the Arduino team has made this decision, so I would prefer to avoid a board without those pins broken out for shield use.

The link to the UEXT connector doesn't work (I already knew what it was, but thought I'd tell you the link doesn't work.)

AVR-T32U4 or yet another Arduino Leonardo derivate ready for breadboarding: