OLIMEXINO-85 (mini usb programmable ATTINY85)

This is such an awesome little device...


It comes very highly recommended by me ! -

They also do a kit version which is 99p inc P&P if you are a student !!

see this post for my first OLIMEXINO85 project..

Looks interesting if you need something really really small.

But if you want something that small, you may as well just use the ATTiny on its own and program via an ISP.

I bought a few ATTiny's a few years ago, but never found a use for them that needed something that small. Arduino Mino or Micro from eBay suppliers are much more versatile, although a bit bigger. ie I just measured and Arduino Micro and it was 18mm x 32mm.

But I've yet to come across a project where that size is too big.

Hi Roger, thanks for your reply..
I also had loads of ATTiny85's and 45's which I program by ISP too
I found ISP programming a bit of a pain (probably my own fault) and when I saw this I thought id give it a go, its really simple, just a shame the PCB layout for the input/output pins doesnt line up with a standard 8pin DIL package, if they did then the OLIMEXINO85 would be directly retrofittable with a ATTiny85.

I love the simplicity and obvious lack of versatility (no uarts etc), but that makes it more fun to try and squeeze every last drop out of such a tiny device

I have loads of 8's and 328's etc, but sometimes find them overkill for simple applications

No worries

I did consider buying one of these, but the shipping cost to Australia would probably be more than the cost of the device, as the supplier doesn't specific cost to here in Aus.

However I do like the idea of wiring the tiny85 to USB, so I may have a go at that some time.



if you do decide to go down the USB AtTiny route you might want to consider putting the MicroNucleus bootloader on, it needs a special version of the Arduino IDE too, but works just great

Thanks for the info, you never know when you may need a super small microcontroller