Omni Wheel Platform w/ Strong 12v Motors

No matter how many decades go by there is always something that comes up where I get to be a newbee. This is a good thing. I’ve wanted to work with robotics for more than 20 years.

My project needs a strong, reliable 12 volt (car battery) motorized Remote Control Omni Wheel platform. It is going to be about 24 inches in diameter. I think three Omni Wheels would be best, but maybe I’ll have to use four. I doubt if I can buy what I need for anywhere near what I can spend, so it looks like I’m going to build one, which I am looking forward to.

I’ve written some modest BASH scripts for Linux some years ago, but I’m not a programmer. I’m not an electronics guy either, although I’ve dabbled in some simple stuff. I hope that someone can give me a quick nuts and bolts summary of what I need to do. Of course, if someone has built and programmed an Omni Wheel platform and wants to share, that would be great!

I think I know most of what I need:

  • Buy the appropriate Arduino robotic controller, and maybe a daughter card to control the motors.
  • Add more electrical stuff, such as relays?
  • Add a XBee Shield and find a remote control unit that works with it. I’ve attached a picture of a WowWee Tri-Bot controller. It has a great circular layout without having to be a joystick.
  • Program the whole package!

All help is welcome. The cargo portion of my project is plenty ambitious enough too!

This is all for a very good cause. Thanks