Omnidirectional robot issues, please help

Hi all,

I have been building a robot that I saw on a website ( I have attached the code I am using.The problem I am having is that when I upload the code to the (receiver) arudino nano 3 the servos simply move in one direction regardless of what my analog sticks are telling it to do. I tried to test if it was a transmitter problem by connecting the teensy to the arduino with a wire but it is still not working. Then I turned off the controller all together and the servos kept on spinning so my belief is that there is something wrong with the code. IS it necessary to download library avr/pgmspace.h? Also I am having a problem with the arduino running on my mac but it works fine on PC’s, I keep getting the Programmer not responding error.


controller: Teensy2.0, transmitter, 2 analog sticks, a couple caps and an lm7805, 4 AA batteries

Robot: Arduino Nano 3.0, receiver, 3 servos, 4 AA batteries, and an on off switch.

Thanks for any help or ideas.

omni_transmit.pde (1.85 KB)

omni_receive.pde (4.91 KB)