Omron d6t440l

Hi, I am a student currently working on a project on D6t440l I copied a code for interfacing the sensor.
I want to drive a motor when the temperature is high around 35 degrees or any number I'm having difficulty interfacing it that way so kindly Iike a solution to how I can set the temperature to drive my motor.

Thank You,

#include <Wire.h>
#include <WireExt.h>

#define D6T_addr 0x0A // Address of OMRON D6T is 0x0A in hex
#define D6T_cmd 0x4C // Standard command is 4C in hex

int rbuf[35]; // Actual raw data is coming in as 35 bytes. Hence the needed for WireExt so that we can handle more than 32 bytes
int tdata[16]; // The data comming from the sensor is 16 elements, in a 16x1 array
float t_PTAT;

void setup()

pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

void loop()
int i;
// Begin a regular i2c transmission. Send the device address and then send it a command.

// This is where things are handled differently. Omron D6T output data is 35 bytes and there is a limit here on what Wire can receive. We use WireExt to read the output data 1 piece at a time. We store each byte as an element in rbuf.
if (WireExt.beginReception(D6T_addr) >= 0) {
i = 0;
for (i = 0; i < 35; i++) {
rbuf = WireExt.get_byte();

  • }*

  • // end the reception routine*

  • WireExt.endReception();*

  • // Do something with temperature compensation that we don't seem to use currently.*
    t_PTAT = (rbuf[0]+(rbuf[1]<<8))*0.1;

  • // Calculate the temperature values: add the low temp and the bit shifted high value together. Multiply by 0.1*

  • for (i = 0; i < 16; i++) {*
    } _

* // Use a for loop to output the data. We can copy this from serial monitor and save as a CSV*
* for (i=0; i<16; i++) {*
_ Serial.print(tdata*);

* delay(100); *

No link to the used hardware, no code tags around the posted code. Did you actually read the sticky post at the top of the topic?

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