OMSHELL or OMAPI on Arduino Yun (or any utilities enabling lease handling)


I did not find the correct package that can give me the omshell or OMAPI to build some script to handle lease, delete some lease or modify MAC addresses.
I've read that in previous packages for OpenWRT it was included in a package isc-dhcp but it looks that it is no longer a package provided for Arduino Yun.

I have seen under the following url that I can still produce a new build for OpenWRT and adding in the build some packages, especially tne net/isc-dhcp but I am not willing to rebuild my Yun. And I can't understand why I would have to do a rebuild for something that should be available as a package.

Any idea how I can come through this? Or do you have any other package that could help me doing the same thing? (changing mac address for an IP, deleting lease while dhcp is running etc...)

Many thanks

uci set dhcp.lan.ignore=1
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

Disable dhcp only but not Bonjour service

opkg update
opkg install isc-dhcp-server-ipv4 
opkg install isc-dhcp-client-ipv4
opkg install isc-dhcp-omshell-ipv4