on a h-bot set up, can I use 4 motors, ONE in each corner

The plan is to make a portable h-bot plasma cutter - this is so I can throw it into my car and take it to my friends workshop and use his compressor and plasma cutter ' I shall simply have a torch 'pilot arc ' with a short cable and a euro connector. the machine can be lightweight and simply lay on the floor.

At the moment I only need to cut 5mm steel plate at a max size of a4 210 by 297

I like the Idea of a h-bot for a plasma cutter as there is no motor on the y-axis.

The Z axis I am hoping to control the motion with a cable into the drive box at the side.

I have bought so far a 2525mm continuous belt with a 5mm pitch that is 9mm wide. HTD

I have bought some 12 and 24 toothed pulleys HTD - already made the xl pitch mistake.

on laying out the belt, it appears as I may be able to get about 450mm square.

I WOULD LIKE TO LEAVE THE BELT AS A CONTINUOUS LOOP without any z attatchment for testing and fitting limits etc, as I smashed up my cnc machine doing exactly that!!


the idea with the 4 motors - one in each corner is I think to resist twisting, plus it makes the building of the table easier. plus I think it may lessen the loading of the motors bearings?

plus I think I can plan to the tooth pitch of 5mm perfectly to clock the pulleys n-e-s-w 12 teeth, 450mm each way, plus I can just about mill it all on my cnc in 10mm - motor mounts, threaded holes for thk rails, want to bo a proto-type in 10mm foamex plastic -have loads of this....


anyways, IF the 4 motors is possible? and considering the thing is quite tiny and the plasma torch is light, am I right in choosing these nema 17's 5mm shafts hybrid dc 2-phase 4000g.cm rated current 1.3 phase resistance 2.5

and if so do I pair the motors to a singular driver? as I have 4 of these coming tb6560 driver 3A 10-35v peak 3.5a

or can I use a smaller driver with a max current of 1A, as like the look of the little drivers that bolt of the motors, as I can hide them in a can together with a fan, blowing over both the motor and drive if possible , shielded too from the hf arc.

I did get both a 12 volt 10 amp 120w psu and a 24v 15a 360w psu, I guess i' will need the smaller of the two?

all I have so far is the belt and pulleys , the other bits are on their way....

plan on running a mega 2560 r3 ramps 1.4 oh and a 12864 controller, - am I correct in thinking I can simply load files with an SD card into this?

oh, I have never used arduino before, so know nothing at all if its even possible to drive the thing. do not understand the motion of a h-bot, if its half steps when motors turn opposed or what

sorry for the long winded first post.