on going car project proplem help

i have been working on a project for a friend which has 2 banks of leds that flash when the one of the 2 buttons is pressed as we are building custom indicators ive got the left and right working but i need them to all flash when both buttons are pressed. the code im using at the moment flashs left and then right and then all and repeats when the 2 bottons are pressed but all i want is then all flash together. =(

shifr_rester_OMFG_ino.ino (7.16 KB)

Make this into a function that takes a variable for time, and 4 bytes for the data to be sent out.


shiftOut(11,12, MSBFIRST,0);
shiftOut(11,12, MSBFIRST,1);
shiftOut(11,12, MSBFIRST,0);
shiftOut(11,12, MSBFIRST,0);
digitalWrite(8, HIGH);

Two buttons one state variable? Not good.

buttonState = digitalRead(buttonL);
buttonState = digitalRead(buttonR);

Now you have the sequence for when the buttons are pressed individually, fine, now make it so they do something else when ButtonL_State && ButtonR_State are both HIGH

When you find yourself using the same code over and over with minor variations it is time to use a function and/or a loop:

//Pin connected to latch pin (ST_CP) of 74HC595
const int latchPin = 8;
//Pin connected to clock pin (SH_CP) of 74HC595
const int clockPin = 12;
////Pin connected to Data in (DS) of 74HC595
const int dataPin = 11;

const int buttonL =2;
const int buttonR =3;

void setup() {
  //set pins to output because they are addressed in the main loop
  pinMode(latchPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(dataPin, OUTPUT);  
  pinMode(clockPin, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(buttonL, INPUT);
  pinMode(buttonR, INPUT);

void loop() {
  // If either button is pressed, start a cycle
  if (digitalRead(buttonL) || digitalRead(buttonR)) {
    // Light the 16 LEDs in sequence
    for (int i=0; i<16; i++) {
      unsigned int leds = (1UL<<(i+1)) - 1; // 1,3,7,15...65535
      // Only light the side whose button is pressed
      unsigned int rightLEDs = digitalRead(buttonR) ? leds : 0;
      unsigned int leftLEDs = digitalRead(buttonL) ? leds : 0;
      WriteLEDs(rightLEDs, leftLEDs);
      // If buttons are both released, stop the sequence
      if (rightLEDs == 0 && leftLEDs == 0)
    delay(170);  // Extra delay at fully lit
  else {
    WriteLEDs(0, 0);

void WriteLEDs(unsigned int rightLEDs, unsigned int leftLEDs) {
  shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, rightLEDs >> 8);
  shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, rightLEDs & 0xFF);
  shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, leftLEDs >> 8);
  shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, leftLEDs & 0xFF);
  digitalWrite(latchPin, HIGH);

got it working i will post the code it will be getting a lot of tweeking when it in the car XD the penny drop like 2 minutes after i posted i used Boolean Operators it get it to work not bad as ive only gust started coding still a noob at it

shifr_rester_OMFG_ino.ino (7.75 KB)