"on going" problem with notificatoins.

Originally, I could subscribe to a topic (or post) and get e-mails of updates.

At some time, this stopped, and I asked about it.
I was told to “flush all the cookies from my machine” to fix it.
Weird, as I was posting from SEVERAL machines and irrespective of which machine was used, I didn’t get notifications.

I probably still am not.
This is highlighted by the fact that when I logged in here I has a personal message waiting for me since JUNE.
Luckily it was SPAM - or I deem it as SPAM - so no loss.
But I just thought I would mention the problem again, as I am about to post a few (maybe) things asking for help with “sudden” failures I am detecting in programming Arduinos.

I hope to hear back via the e-mail system, and if I don’t reply soon to any questions asked, then I would guess it would only prove that the system isn’t working.