On my windows 10 pc my Arduino Uno and Nodemcu v3 worked but on my Windows XP it

i was working on a project on my Windows 10 pc when I uploaded blink onto my Uno but after a while it stopped working and the I tried using my Nodemcu v3 and even that didn't work.Then I went over to my Windows XP laptop and tested the Uno and Nodemcu v3 and even that didn't work but when I plug the Nodemcu or the Uno into my laptop,in the device manager it show 'Usb 2.0 Serial' with a question mark next to it then I tried to update it.The it says the best drivers re already installed.I am really confused.How do you fix this

Sounds like a possible CLONE which may need a driver that is NOT included with the IDE.
CH340/341 or CP2102 ?

That it is showing something is a good sign.
In some cases you need to manually select the driver as windows is not always the best at guessing drivers.

See the magnifying glass at the top right of the page...type in CH340 in there and give it a shot.
If windows balks at the driver then tell it to ignore its own warnings and continue anyway.

Same if you try the CP2102 search and driver.

Also you may want to avoid USB 3.0 ports as on occasion they can cause some issues with hardware.
USB cables can be another issue so always use one you know to be BOTH DATA AND POWER !